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Investor and Public Relations

Anyone with a camera-equipped cell phone can now take video anywhere at almost any time and send it to the evening news or pop it up on an Internet site such as YouTube.

Protect the reputation of your organization and further your business goals by understanding the changing media and best practices for effective communication with all facets of the media.

Susan Adler Thorp and Bob Hetherington, two prize-winning journalists, can deliver a customized media relations module for key corporate or nonprofit executives, plant managers, communication staffs and others who may speak publicly for your organization.

Our curriculum provides a thoughtful understanding of the news media; discusses effective communications techniques; and focuses on strategies for success working with the media. We use actual news clip videos to spotlight media relations successes and failures.

We provide an opportunity for on-camera role-playing exercises, which are critiqued. And we provide participants with useful tools and ready reference materials.

If we can assist with media training, message training and executive coaching, please contact us at

Susan Adler Thorp

A Memphis native and Missouri grad, Susan is a highly regarded former business journalist and political columnist for The Commercial Appeal  and two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee. She served WMC-TV as a commentator and  Mayor AC Wharton as a top advisor.

Bob Hetherington

Bob is a former business editor and print journalist in Florida, Tennessee and Indiana. He contributed to The New York Times and USA Today and won national awards for business and investigative journalism. He holds a BA from Indiana and an MBA from Memphis.